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Foster Form

Requested Information
Applicants Name:
Spouses Name if Applicable:
Home Phone Number:
Work Phone:
Cell Phone:
Applicant's Age:
1 Reference:
2 Reference:
Name of Vet you have history with:
How long at current address:
Applicant's Occupation:
Spouse's Occupation (if applicable):
Name and ages of other household members:
Is fostering a family decision?
What member of the family will be taking the major responsibility?
What type of area do you live in?
What type of housing do you live in?
Do you own or rent?
if you rent, have you received approval from your landlord to foster?
Landlord's Phone:
Do you have a fenced in yard?
If not how will your foster get exercise/relieve itself?
Do you have a preference of sex of dog?
Have you ever housetrained a dog successfully?
Have you ever fostered a dog before?
If yes, who for?
Name, age and breed of current animals living with you:
Are they spayed/neutered?
Veterinary Name:
Veterinary Phone:
Many of our rescue dogs come into rescue with unknown pasts. What behaviors are you willing to work on and how?
What behaviors are you not willing to work with?
How many hours a day will foster dog be left alone?
Where will foster dog sleep at night?
Are you willing/able to section off a room, or crate your foster dog?
Will you submit photos and write a bio of your foster within two weeks?
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Tank’s Legacy will pay for all vetting. All foster parents must call and talk to Blanche before going to the vet.

Animals that come into Tank’s Legacy have an unknown history. It is up to the foster parent’s to determine how best of prevent damage of personal property, persons, or home. Tank’s Legacy will not be held financially responsible for any medical issues or destruction of property due to the foster parent’s negligence of being able to properly supervise and understand the issues in some of these dogs.
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