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Bud came from Clewiston, Fl where he was found in an outside kennel with 2 other dogs after his owner had died. The animal control officer said that the kennel was full of debris and the grass had grow so high that they could barely see the cage. We got him to the vet right away where we found out that he is heart worm positive, flea infested, he has an old fracture (so he is non-weight bearing on his right rear leg), he has a staff infection, and healing bites on his ears. Bud also has broken teeth from eating rocks, trying to survive. Despite all of this, the poor little 27 pound baby is very sweet and loving. He has been put on antibiotics and pain medication. The needs to be neutered, but the vet said that we need to address the heart worms first. After we address the heart worm, he will receive xrays to see if he needs surgery on his leg. He will need to be in rescue for at least 3 months.

If you would like to help sponsor his treatment you can donate to Paypal or send a check to our P.O. box 1112, Boca Grande Fl. 33981