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Please sponsor Poppy. As you can see, she is a very special girl. Poppy will not have a normal life span due to her deformity. There is nothing that can be done surgically and she does get to run and play. I am trying to build her a special play area but could use some help.

Poppy loves carrots and treats. She is not allowed to gain a lot of weight due to her joint issue. The vet said that when she was born, the people that owned her mom, Daisy who lives here too, probably tried to help in the delivery and dislocated her shoulder. She did not receive the vet care to reset it and her body had deformed to adjust to her leg. She is my favorite and the sweetest girl.

If you would like to help sponsor her treatment you can donate to Paypal or send a check to our P.O. box 1112, Boca Grande Fl. 33981

a goat named poppy