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Tank's Legacy

As a foster for rescues, I had seen many cases of abuse, and neglect, but Tank was special. It wasn't until the end of his life, that I realized just how special.

I do wildlife rescue too and was delivering an injured bird to the center when I saw Tank through the sliding glass door. He had his head down and was being petted by one of the volunteers.

They found him running down the road near I-75 and picked him up. He smelled so bad, was missing most of his hair, had huge calluses on his bottom, and was sunbleached a dark red. He was also heartworm positive and absolutely terrified of storms. He was destroying the center when they went home at night because he was terrified.

I took him home immediately. We got him treated for heartworm, flea dermatitis, and staph infections. Time, food, and love healed the rest until last year. Tank started with a little indent in his head, I took him to the vet, and then a neurologist. He had a trigeminal nerve sheath tumor. Off to Gainesville for treatment. While we were there, I found out that he had also been shot twice in the stomach and lived. I cannot imagine the monster that had done such horrible things but he was mine now and I would do everything for him that I could. Treatment bought me about 9 months, and I treasured every moment. He will always be my boy. He was the father figure for the pack; every dog that came in was guided by him. I think he let each one know that they were safe and everything was going to be ok.


Tanks's Legacy is one of Unconditional Love, Compassion, and Caring.